Tanzanite Brass Lunar Statement Broom Pendant

Tanzanite Brass Lunar Statement Broom Pendant

The brass broom pendant, a new addition to The Dwelling Gem signature jewel broom family. All of the brass brooms are made from recycled bullet casings that are properly cleaned and de-primed so they lead free and made of 100 percent brass. These bullet broom pendants can duel as a protection talisman and bring an extra pow of force and strength to your practice and/or overall energy (and wardrobe). Crafted with intention and love in my home studio, I hope you enjoy this new and rustic brass broom statement talisman.

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    A brass Lunar witch broom pendant that features a high grade, glowing tanzanite set in sterling silver with a tiny brass crescent moon accent. Finished with a sterling silver and brass classic lunar twist handle, this broom talisman is a true testiment to celestial magick. About 4.5 inches long, comes on a long black cord, made with recycled 9mm bullet and black kyanite crystal. 

    **Slightly discounted due to the brass moon not being as defined as I would have liked- marked down 10% to compensate that minor craftsmanship flaw.

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