Spiked Seashell Mini Crystal Talismans

Spiked Seashell Mini Crystal Talismans

Part 2 of The Seashell & Silver Collection is here! In the second half of this summer jewelry series you'll find 19 pieces of one of a kind, oceanic, jewels. If you could hold this collection up to your ear I am certain you'd hear ocean waves crashing in the distance; Real foraged seashells, hand cast silver sea specimens, and precious gemstones that are reminiscent of the ocean have been woven together with silver and fire to create this uniquely beachy collection. 

  • This listing is for:

    Mystical Spiked Seashell crystal charm necklaces. Each one designed with their own special gemstone or crystal to accent the shell perfectly and make a unique, one of a kind nautical necklace. From left to right they are:

    A. Smokey quartz crystal with beige/tan shell - appx. 1.5 inches long from top of crystal to tip of shell, 1/2 inch wide at top of shell. Comes on 18inch long chain.

    B. Star of Ruby with purple/pink tinted shell- appx. 1.25 inches long and 1/2 inch wide at top of shell. Comes on 18inch long chain.

    C. Aquamarine Bullet with Peach shell, largest shell of the lot. - appx. 2 inches long from top of bullet to tip of shell, 3/4 of an inch wide at top of shell. Comes on 20inch long chain.

    Please select from the drop down menu which shell you'd like. They are all made of sterling silver and come on sterling rolo chain.

  • Seashell Disclaimer

    Please be mindful that these are REAL shells which mean that they are delicate/fragile and could break if worn or handled aggressively. The Dwelling Gem is not responsible if you break the seashell while wearing or handling it. Any piece of jewelry with a real shell was conciously made so that the possibility of the shell being in harms way would be minimal but please, if you purchase a shelled jewel be delicate with them and concious of the fact that you're wearing a real seashell.

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