Pink Spinel Cherry Blossom Broom Pendant

Pink Spinel Cherry Blossom Broom Pendant

The Ostara Collection has arrived! When the flowers start to bloom and the foliage and brush blossom into lush greenary, its a sight that never grows old. The bright colors of nature and flora combined with the lighter days and warmer winds brings a lift to your soul that no other time of the year does. There may still be a lingering nip in the air from Winter but we all know and can feel Spring is just around the corner, and this jewelry collection was created to honor this most cherished time of the year, Ostara. Each piece of jewelry created for this Ostara collection was made with the intention to remind us of the feelings we feel and sights we see during this blessed moment. All these jewels are forged out of sterling silver and hold the essense of Spring within their depths and whimsy. 

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    The creator's favorite Ostara broom, this Pink Spinel Cherry Blossom broom pendant is the true definition of Ostara, featuring a high grade rosecut pink spinel with silver cast cherry blossom flowers, finished with a cherry blossom twig handle. This pendant is extra special because the black kyanite crystal has a sweeping motion to it's crystal formation, not only making it perfect for being the bristles of a broom talisman, but also mimicking the way cherry blossom petals blow in the wind. Charming and magickal through and through. Pendant measures at about 3 3/4 inches long and comes on a black psuade cord.

    *Silver chain is an add-on. Scroll further down the Shop page for the chain listings.

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