Pentagram Herkimer Diamond Mini Broom Pendant

Pentagram Herkimer Diamond Mini Broom Pendant

It is time!  The weather is cooling, the leaves are crisp and falling gently to the ground, pumpkins line the streets and the smell of bonfires fill the air! Samhain is near and so it's time for The 2021 Halloween Broom collection! Each broom talisman features a black kyanite crystal to represent the bristles of the broom and then the kind/style of witch it's designed for dictates what other design elements follow. Each jewel is unique, one of a kind, and crafted with intention and maker magic. 

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    The new style of herkimer diamond mini witch broom! Instead of using a raw herkimer diamond there's a beautifully dark rosecut herkimer on the face of the broom, finished with a solid silver pentagram at the base of a double twisted handle. Truly a pagan classic! All sterling silver. Sold as pendant only - chain is an add-on 

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