“From the Spring Brush” Moss Agate Statement Necklace

“From the Spring Brush” Moss Agate Statement Necklace

The Nocturnal Spring Collection has landed! This 18 piece jewelry series comes at the dawn of Spring when all the critters and creatures are coming out of hibernation along with the plants and flowers. A magickal time full of color, texture, and whimsy! This collection reflects on those elements of Spring by highlighting one of my personal favorite creatures, bats. You'll also find flowers, leaves, and new growth sprinkled throughout the stones and silver. Some pieces have both, some just have one or the other, but all of them speak to this wonderful time of year and the blooming beauty around us.

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    THE statement necklace of the Nocturnal Spring collection, this pendant features a high grade Moss agate that has the most stunning plumes of inclusions within it. To best highlight the stone and collection theme, I played with the transparency of the agate and cut out two little bats at the top to resemble them flying out of the blooming spring brush. You can see this best when the pendant is up against light and that also highlights the depth and colors of the stone.  All sterling silver and accented with two leaf prongs that hug the stone tightly into the setting and add yet another layer of nature and whimsy to this stunning necklace.

    Pendant is a little shy of 1.5 inches wide and long, comes on a 19 inch thick link silver chain.

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