Deathmoth In Flight- Crystal Necklace

Deathmoth In Flight- Crystal Necklace

Sweet Novemer, a collection theme inspired by the month of decay, time change, and day  verse night. When November hits the biggest noticeable difference is how fast the night comes; It’s as if you’re always seeking the last light of day to capture those rays of warmth and hold them close. Most of this collection was made with that feeling in mind, with lots of agate, crystals, and stone cuts that change, brighten, and glow as you find the light. So here's to my sun worshippers, light seekers, and autumn lovers- this collection is for you. 

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    Included quartz crystal necklace with brass deathmoth accent. This crystal inclusion is reminiscent of a single cloud in a clear sky- which is why the deathmoth is boldly placed on the front of the crystal; It gives an illusion that its floating in the "cloud". This crystal also has a tan/yellow hue all the way through so there could be some citrine in the mix. All sterling silver besides the brass deathmoth and stainless steel jumprings. Comes on an 18inch silver rolo chain.

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