Return Policy:

There has never been a Dwelling Gem jewelry return to date; I focus on showing my jewelry exactly how it is so that there are no surprises (other than good ones!) when you open your package. I rarely edit my photos and when I do it is usually to enhance the picture to better reflect what the actual product looks like. I also always run sale previews for every collection on my Instagram story so it can also be seen in video format with a 360 view. That being said, if for some reason you get one of my products and are unhappy with a certain element or aspect of it, you have 2 weeks from the day you received the package to reach out to me and we will discuss the best options for the given circumstance. If an item is to be returned for a refund of money or store credit, I must receive the item in its original packaging and undamaged and then I will issue the refund. 

If the return is because of a mistake made on my end (craftsmanship error, packaging mistake..) I will be giving many apologies and will refund your shipping when you mail back the item. 

Do you take custom orders?

Yes I am usually always open to taking a custom order! I have a plethora of stones and gems to choose from and I will even accept stones, found objects, and any other kind of memorabilia from the customer if that's what will make the jewelry of their dreams! Sometimes I close off my customs at certain times of the year if I'm too busy with general shop stock or have a long customs list already, but even if my customs are closed at the time you inquire, I will usually keep your information and contact you once I'm ready to open them again. There are some designs, techniques, and metals that I don't work with so I will only take on customs that I know I can successfully execute- your custom request may be denied if I'm not comfortable taking it on. If I do accept your custom request, I require a $50 non refundable deposit after the design brief and then the remainder of the total is due upon completion. Customs can take up to 4-5 weeks to design, create, and ship. 

Can I Claim an Item before the Collection Release?

To try and keep everything as fair as possible I do not sell items before their proper release date. However, if your heart was set on something and you miss out on that item, most of the time* I will be able to take on a custom order and make one just for you! So don't be afraid to reach out if you miss something and we can discuss options. 

* Some items I will specifically say they cannot or will not be replicated and due to the handmade nature of this craft even if I replicate a design it will never be 100 percent the same as the previous one. 

Do you offer payment plans?

If an item is $200+ and has been in my shop for one month I will open it up for a split payment. Half of the cost will be due on the day that the item is claimed and the other half is due 2 weeks from that date. I will hold onto the item until payment is paid in full and then it will be shipped. Contact me through here or on my Instagram if you wish to open a payment plan. 

International Shipping

I love my international customers and I will essentially ship anywhere, but due to COVID-19 and other postal issues, I am requiring all my international packages be sent with full tracking and insurance. For most countries this will range anywhere from $35-$60. If you don't see your country listed as available for shipping, please contact me! I have to add every country individually for shipping so there's a good chance I just haven't had a customer from your country yet so I haven't added it to my list. Also please be aware of your country's custom fees before placing an order. 

Why is there hardly anything in your shop?

I usually do several themed jewelry collections throughout any given year and once they are sold, that's it!  If you're visiting my shop and you find it to be empty, I am most likely in the process of making my next batch of jewelry. Follow me on Instagram to know my jewelry update timelines and release dates so you don't miss out- and remember you can always contact me for a custom too. 


My package was delivered but I never received it, what do I do?

Once a package has shipped, I have no control over what happens to it and I am not responsible for any lost or stolen packages. If you live in an area that is popular with mail theft, you can add a signature request to your shipment and then you will have to sign in person to receive the package- if you're not there they will hold it at the post office until you pick it up. If you're shipping includes insurance and your package gets lost, once I receive the insurance money from the post office I will refund the item in full. If you do not have insurance or a signature required and your package never shows up, once again- I am not responsible. 

Jewelry Care

The main thing to focus on with jewelry care is not getting it wet with water or any chemical or solvent. Always remove your jewelry before you bath/shower/swim/clean. Keep your jewelry stored in your jewelry box or a safe designated space when not being worn. Air and sweat also affects the metal and it will become darker over time, a standard silver polishing cloth will shine up the jewelry after its been darkened by these natural occurring elements. In general, treat your jewelry with love and care, some stones are softer than others but even the hard stones can scratch or break if under the right circumstances. If a jewel is particularly fragile I will make a statement in the listing to be extra mindful when handling and wearing it.