The Business Side:

Thank you for visiting my shop and taking the time to read about my origins as a designer. I learned about metalsmithing through college where I dabbled in most 3D mediums. I originally wanted to go for ceramics but the major I was studying included metals and 3D printing so that's how I was introduced to the world of handmade jewelry. I graduated from Towson University in 2013 with a Bachelors of Science in Object Design and then from there I would practice making jewelry whenever I could, relying on the kindness of friends with workshop space. I eventually learned electroforming and that gave me the confidence I needed to open up a shop and start selling my jewelry, so The Dwelling Gem was created June of 2016. Now I have my own little home studio that allows me to do both traditional metalsmithing and Electroforming and I couldn’t be happier. As for my artistic vision and style, I have always strived for a clean crafted aesthetic that’s still organic and flows. Like most creative minds, I love nature and it’s a huge inspiration for my work, but I also find inspiration in a lot of different areas and elements of life, I truly love designing and creating all sizes and shapes, all colors and styles; I want to experience it all and show my interpretation of it in wearable art.

The Personal Side:

I live in beautiful Downtown Frederick, Maryland nestled between lush mountains and historic cityscapes. I’m married to a wonderful man named John and we have two cats, a tabby named Meechy and black cat named Fudgey Casanova. While I’m still growing my jewelry business, I work full time as a band instrument repair technician where I fix all woodwind instruments and even teach people in the trade. Some of my favorite things in the world are trips to my grandparent’s beach house, the ocean, tending to my plants and porch garden, seeing live music, back-road driving on a perfect day, and hanging out with the people I love.